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Yoshida is one of the most popular characters in the Chainsaw Man manga/anime series. Just lượt thích many other people in the series, Yoshida is a devil hunter. He is also an elite bodyguard and is amongst those assigned lớn protect Denji, the protagonist of the series.

Yoshida does a very good job of protecting Denji in part I of Chainsaw Man, and he became quite popular with fans. His good looks didn’t hurt either, as many gushed about him on social truyền thông media and voted for him in online polls. Thanks lớn this popularity, Yoshida is phối lớn make a comeback in part 2 of Chainsaw Man and will sườn a major part of the story arch.

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Yoshida is a Private Devil Hunter Who Acts as a Bodyguard for Denji aka Chainsaw Man

Yoshida, full name – Hirofumi Yoshida, is one of the minor characters in Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It is phối in an alternate universe where human fears become devils that can inhabit dead humans and control their bodies. Sometimes, these devils can also allow the human being, if still alive, lớn retain control. The government and private individuals alike hunt the devils and amongst these devil hunters is Denji, the protagonist of the story.

Denji forms a hybrid human devil with his dog, Chainsaw Devil, and becomes a high-profile devil hunter known as the Chainsaw Man. His activities attract a lot of enemies lớn him, and a series of bodyguards are hired for him, including Yoshida. Yoshida makes his first appearance in chapter 55 of part 1 of Chainsaw Man. He subsequently appeared in other chapters and is also phối lớn make an appearance in Part 2 of the manga.

Yoshida is not a villain in Chainsaw Man. Rather, he is a bodyguard lớn the protagonist named Denji. He is also a minor character. Despite this, Yoshida is now one of the most popular characters in Chainsaw Man. He was ranked 10th in the first official Chainsaw Man Popularity Polls with 8, 593 votes. He performed even better in the Second Popularity Poll as he ranked 6th with 32, 161 votes.

Yoshida Chainsaw Man
From L-R Denji, Higashiyama Kobeni, and Yoshida HirofumiImage Source

He Looks Like a Typical High Schooler 

Yoshida looks lượt thích a slightly old high schooler. He has a tall and slim physique. He spots medium-length dark hair, which falls over his eyes. Yoshida has a birthmark under his lips. He also has eight piercings on his ear. These piercings are thought lớn be a reference lớn the contract that he made with the octopus devil. Yoshida dresses in dark pants, dark t-shirts, and a light jacket.

He is certainly one good-looking character, and his looks have whipped fans of Chainsaw Man into a frenzy. Fans have described Yoshida as a fine gentleman, while others see him as pretty. One particular người yêu thích has also called him pretty, attractive, good-looking, charming, lovely, gorgeous, enchanting, xinh đẹp, stunning, ravishing, bewitching, captivating and elegant boy, etc.

Yoshida has Martial Skills and Tentacles Summoning Power 

Yoshida has impressive martial arts fighting skills and hand-to-hand combat skills, which he fully deployed in his battle against Quanxi, one of the foreign enemies that threatened lớn kill Denji. Even though Yoshida loses his first battle with Quanxi in hand-to-hand combat, he later makes her bleed, the first person lớn bởi ví with his martial art skills.

Yoshida also has some powers as a result of his mysterious pact with the octopus devil. He can summon the octopus devil’s tentacles by crossing his index and middle fingers. He can use these tentacles lớn fight his enemies or bind them. He can also use those same tentacles lớn protect himself. The tentacles can wrap around him. They can thus protect him from falling and hurting himself.

Another power that Yoshida has courtesy of the octopus devil is ink. When he utters the word – ink, the octopus tentacle will produce a thick Black cloud that Yoshida can use lớn limit the vision of his opponents and then attack them. It remains lớn be seen the price that Yoshida will pay for using these very effective powers from the octopus devil. It is known that he must have yielded something lớn the devil lớn be able lớn get the powers, but one cannot tell what the bargain must have been. It may, however, be revealed as time goes on.

Yoshida Chainsaw Man
Yoshida wrapped inside the Octopus’ tentacles Image Source

He has an Unassuming But Serious Personality 

Yoshida has an unassuming personality. He is not arrogant or pretentious but rather modest despite his powers and abilities. Yoshida is also playful and mischievous, but he does take his responsibilities seriously and carries out his duties effectively. For instance, in Part Two of Chainsaw Man, he is a high schooler and attends the same high school as Denji. Denji is a bit of a horny teen. He is focused on attracting girls, and this makes him reckless with regard lớn his identity as the Chainsaw Man.

Yoshida, however, ensures that Denji doesn’t bởi anything that will reveal his identity. He also tries lớn aid his quest lớn have a love life ví that he won’t bởi anything that will come back lớn haunt him.

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Yoshida Chainsaw Man
From L-R, Yoshida, Denji, and Asa Image Source

Yoshida is Part of Major Story Arc in Chapter 2 of Chainsaw Man

Yoshida does not die in part 1 of Chainsaw Man. He continues his role as Denji’s bodyguard in part 2 but is phối lớn become a major part of the story arc. In part 2, Yoshida joins Denji in high school lớn keep an eye on him. He (Yoshida) becomes acquainted with an introverted female student named Asa.

Asa is fused with the war devil, who is out lớn kill the chainsaw man (namely Denji) at all costs. Yoshida, however, cracks her identity and works lớn protect Denji. He and Asa are meanwhile placed in the same devil hunters club in school.

Yoshida is hands down one of the much-loved characters in Chainsaw Man. There is, however, the pervading fear that his popularity may lead lớn him being killed off. The writer and illustrator of the Chainsaw Man manga have no qualms about killing off popular characters, and many fans of the manga are scared that this fate would befall Yoshida. They are, however, keeping their fingers crossed as part 2 of the manga rolls out.